Health and Nutrition

Bison meatloaf at Salmon n' Bannock | Ruth Hartnup | Flickr

Exquisite Meat

Bison meat is tender but low in fat and cholesterol as well as high in protein. New York Aged Bison Steak offers bison meat that meets very high-quality standards. Our bison are raised in optimal conditions, roam free without any stress factor in order to promote their growth.

Quality First

  • 100% natural fodder: our animals are fed exclusively with 100% natural fodder. Meat meal is excluded from their food.
  • WITHOUT GROWTH HORMONES: Because we don’t use growth hormones, our animals go through periods of natural fattening.
  • CERTIFICATION: our products meet Canadian, American, and Mexican standards.

Meticulous staff

With its high-tech equipment, professional service, and meticulous staff, New York Aged Bison Steak offers a wide range of products and services that can meet the specific needs of your customers.

Custom cuts

We can also prepare special orders. Labeling and Packaging our personalized labeling service meets industry standards and your customers’ needs, in the language of their choice. We will meet your specific packaging needs