Game Meat

At New York Aged Bison Steak we have a variety of game meat, and they include the following;

Bison | Bison, Yellowstone National Park. NPS Photo/David Re… | FlickrBison

If your puck is ready to try the game, try bison first. Buffalo meat is similar to beef. The major difference is that buffalo is leaner with a slightly sweeter flavor. It is really very easy to cook. You have to remember that bison meat is low in fat, so your cooking time should be faster and your cooking temperature should be lower. You can check out our blog for more tips and recipes.

Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) | Fraser's Hill, Pahang, Peninsula Ma… | FlickrFarmed wild boar – A succulent game for any season

Did you know wild boar meat is one of the lowest in fat? This wild meat is naturally marbled, which is why it is better to avoid cooking steaks and roasts more than enough in order to keep all the flavor and taste of the meat.

Male Wapiti | Seen near Yellowhead Highway between Hinton an… | FlickrWapiti 

The elk is one of our four species of deer, the elk are hunted like a species of game, its meat is lean and contains more protein than beef or chicken. Some cultures see elk as an important spiritual force; in parts of Asia, their antlers and the velvet therein are used in traditional medicine.

After a total disappearance in the 19th century, the reintroduction was made in the 60s and since then the population has experienced great growth. It is a protected wild animal, hunting is highly regulated, to keep the species prosperous. In NY, about twenty breeding farms and several butcher shops offer this meat. The Chinese lend them aphrodisiac virtues. While our neighbors have long understood the economic potential of its hunting, the question of its reintroduction into New York soil is not yet on the agenda.

Somali Ostrich - eBirdOstrich Meat

The ostrich is the largest egg-laying mammal, it is native to Africa. With a mass of between 1.2 and 1.8 kg, the ostrich egg is the largest egg in living animal shell. One ostrich egg is 20 chicken eggs and can feed about 10 people.

Ostrich meat is red, dark red, due to the high iron content. It is lean meat; no fat or parsley is necessary. So, there is no shrinkage because there is no fat to burn.

Naturally farmed game meat has the virtues of being lower fat firm meat containing more protein. Our animals are outdoors all year round and feed on the grass of our pastures.

Home delivery policy – Game

We offer a fast delivery system for wild boar meat, bison meat, elk meat, ostrich meat anywhere in the US. We are fast and efficient because the craving for game meat shouldn’t be long in coming. Call us today, you will not be disappointed.